Module 5: How to Practically Pray + Fast



Nov 29, 2022



Video 1: Time, Space and Place

Video 2: Four Stages in Prayer

Video 3: Distractions in Prayer

Video 4: God, Is that You?

Video 5: Prayer example

Video 6: Why, When and How to Fast

M O D U L E 5 / How to Practically Pray + Fast

Michael Pittman—my husband—has created an entire prayer course, after having gone to a Christian monastery and learning how to pray from the monks. It’s called “The Practical Prayer Course.” Yep—you get an entire course within a course! #inception

This system revolutionized my prayer life, which is why I wanted to share it with you. I’ve also included “Why, When and How to Fast,” a short, sweet and to-the-point crash course to fasting. Let’s get our spiritual homes together with a healthy, flourishing prayer life!

Don’t forget this week’s worksheets!

Click here to download Michael’s Practical Prayer Guide

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