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Mar 24, 2020

We’re certainly experiencing some crazy times, aren’t we?

The COVID-19 virus has put a halt on our economy (as well as economies around the world), the stock market, and global events in the world of sports and entertainment.

While it hasn’t halted Change Conference 2020, it has created an inevitable shift. After much prayer and counsel, the Change 2020 team has decided that it would be in the best interest of you to move the conference online. Here are a few factors that have led to our decision:

My parents’ return from the Dominican Republic:

My parents (who are full time missionaries in the Dominican Republic) were told by the United States Embassy on Saturday that if they didn’t go back to America by Monday, they would be at risk for being stuck in the Dominican Republic for the “long haul.”

They were on a flight within 24 hours. My parents (as you might expect from full-time missionaries in the Dominican Republic) don’t make a lot of money.”

So the fact that they made the move back to America so quickly certainly made us question how viable it would be for those of you who are international to enter the United States when June rolls around.

The postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games:

We wanted to take time to discern how the global economy felt about the direction COVID-19 was going. After all, if people saw this as something that would pass within the next month or so, then the summer time would be a free and clear time to host this conference. That said, today it became official the 2020 Olympic games would be postponed until next year. This was a global, multi-billion dollar decision that is especially noteworthy for our decision-making because it was planned to be hosted at the end of July – beginning of August (more than a month after Change Conference). 

Additionally, India shut down its entire country and the nation is under lockdown (1.3 billion people).

COVID-19 vaccine trials will take 12-18 months

This article written by Time Magazine reveals that the first vaccine trial for COVID-19 is underway but that trials will not be completed until 2021-2022. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the leading infectious disease expert for COVID-19 says that these times of social distancing can come in waves until a legitimate cure is found. That means that even if things get better in May, they could be back to where they are now in June because the only way to suppress the spread of the virus is by social distancing (until the vaccine is found). These facts made us realize that it would be selfish to make you plan through the unpredictability of COVID-19, social distancing, and other safety measures the American government and governments abroad are taking into account.

Here’s what we could’ve done…

What we could have done is said, “We’re doing the conference in-person despite the risk! We’ve spent hours at the hotel planning! We’ve spent hours in meetings! We’ve purchased non-refundable airfare! Let’s just do it and whoever comes—comes!”

But in reality, that would have been a decision of will—not wisdom. It would have been self-serving instead of keeping your health and best interest at the forefront of our minds. The last thing I would want you to do is book a hotel room, purchase airfare, setup childcare, take PTO, and all the other things associated with attending a conference only to cancel or pivot last minute.

Here’s what we’re going to do NOW:
We are going to have the conference online! You will get power-packed sessions from all the speakers, and (unlike the in-person experience), you’ll be able to login to and see the replay of all the sessions!

Additionally, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, and add in some bonuses to make it up to you!

Everyone who has purchased a ticket (regular or VIP) will have access to:

  • All recorded conference sessions

  • Change University Phase I: Belong ($397 value – 8 Modules)

  • Room To Recover course + Workbook ($197 value – 11 videos)

  • CHANGE eBook (if you haven’t grabbed it yet)

But that’s not it!

I also convinced my husband to give every conference ticket holder:

  • ONE YEAR of The Online Financial School for FREE. His students pay $50/month so that’s a $600 value by itself!

So if you bought a regular ticket, you’re getting about $1,500 in bonus content (plus you’re saving money on flights, hotel, etc.)

But what about VIPs?
For some of you, you purchased a VIP ticket, and I want to make it worth it for you!

For VIPS, I’m hosting an 8 week CHANGE group! It will be coincide with Phase II: Shed inside of Change University. Only VIP ticket holders will have access to the course + a change group that will meet every week for 8 weeks starting May 4th!

So VIP ticket holders get:

  • All recorded conference sessions

  • Change University Phase I: Belong ($397 value – 8 Modules)

  • Belong Workbook

  • Room To Recover course ($197 value – 11 videos)

  • Room to Recover Workbook

  • CHANGE eBook (if you haven’t grabbed it yet)

  • ONE YEAR of The Online Financial School for FREE. ($600 value)

  • Change University Phase I: Belong ($397 value – 8 Modules)

  • Live CHANGE Group with Amanda (8 Monday nights starting May 4th)

  • CHANGE Group GroupMe (starting May 4th)

Oh… and I’m going to send you something special in the mail. Everyone loves surprises, right? 🙂

In closing:
I was really looking forward to meeting all of you and giving you big hugs in person. I want you to know that once COVID-19 passes, the option for a hug is still on the table, but until then, prepare yourself for the best digital conference ever!

Amanda Pittman

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