How to Fight in the Midst of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Amanda N.

Aug 5, 2022

Every Christian goes through spiritual warfare. The enemy is always looking for opportunities to trip us up. And that is why during these times, we must put on the full armor of God. 

Some things are spiritual, and some things are not. Some things could be a result of our insecurities, or our sin. We must discern the difference between those things.

In the last 6 to 7 years, the Lord has shown me a few things about learning how to fight. 

Here are three points on how to fight in the midst of Spiritual Warfare:

  1. Rest in His Strength

Stand on Scripture: We must stand on the word to know the truth. So, when the enemy tries to have us fall for a lie, we can refute it with the truth.

That is why memorizing scripture is crucial. We can not stand on something we do not remember.

Psalms 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Here we see the author kept the word of God in his heart so that whenever he was going through any temptation and warfare, he was able to memorize the word and stand on it to resist (with the Holy Spirit empowering him) whatever the opposition was. 

We also should take note of the importance of careful memorization and pondering in our lives. Having the word of God readily accessible when we need it is critical as we fight back in spiritual warfare.

The author was also singing and praying, expressing admiration to God which is a strategy that disrupts the plan of the enemy.

Tip: If you need to make a trip to dollar tree and get some note cards, do it! Write the verses down and go over them. 

When Jesus was being tempted by the devil in the wilderness, what did he do? He stood on scripture. Every time the enemy tried to tell him lies, he refutes it with the truth.

There’s even a time when Satan tried to use scripture, but he used it out of context.

This tells me we have to be good students of the word of God as well. We must understand the context of the scriptures we are trying to stand on.


One of our weapons of warfare is prayer. Pray against whatever the enemy is trying to do. Go in your prayer closet and pray. It’s important to spend that time with God.

Yes, there will be distractions in your mind trying to deter you from spending time with God. But you must fight!

You must press on and continue to pray and spend that time with the Lord. And find what works best for you. Maybe you spend that time in the morning, the afternoon, or night. See what works best for you. 


Worship can help bring us into the presence of God. Our focus turns from the attacks around us and goes to Jesus: who is bigger than what we are facing. 

Turn on some worship music! Those evil forces can’t stay in the presence of God.

1 John 4:4 Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 

In this scripture John is speaking to Christians, expressing his fear for spiritual deception. Warning against testing the spirit of the antichrist.

When you’re in the midst of a battle, remember God is greater than the devil, evil, and demonic forces in the world.

My testimony of overcoming fear was won with praying scriptures.

Whenever fear and anxiety overcame me out of nowhere. I would run to my car and turn on some worship music. I’d open my bible to Psalms 23, and I start praying out the scriptures.

As I was praying, I felt peace overcome me, and I was not anxious or fearful anymore. I was discerning that this experience could have been a spirit of fear and spiritual warfare. 

2. Be alert and sensitive to what is going on in your heart and mind

The enemy will try to attack your mind with ideas that do not align with scripture. That is why we are to take every thought captive.

For example, on Social media, looking at posts and comparing your life to others. “Why did God bless this person and not you?”, ” God does not have good things for you”, God does not care about you”, and “God is not good”. The enemy can try to whisper these lies to you.

2 Corinthians 10:5 We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ.

Paul is writing to the Corinthians, defending his ministry. Some are still rejecting his gospel and apostolic authority. In this section, Paul shares that he is not waging a fleshly battle, but a spiritual one- The weapons of his warfare are spiritual. Paul tears down the strongholds of wrong thinking and behavior.

What does that look like?

If I have a thought that I know is not from God, I stop meditating on that thought. And I stand a scripture in the truth and what God says. I think about things that are worthy of praise and lovely.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Here Paul encourages the Philippians, calling for reconciliation, joyful faith, and disciplined thinking. These things will inspire worship of God and service to others. 

Always check for offenses in your heart.

This could be a comment someone made or unfavorable circumstances. Which can lead to anger.

If you are dealing with anger It’s important to address this quickly because if you let this grow in your heart, good things will not result from this.

The enemy can use that anger or offense in your heart and cause you to think about horrible thoughts. Bitterness can start to grow in your heart. As a result, you begin to act distant from people and Jesus. 

3. Walk Alongside Others

Do not walk alone in this fight. Share with others that you trust what you are going through.

These could be your mentors, spiritual parents, accountability partners, leaders in the church, and family.

Proverbs 24:6 “For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.”

There is an added power when two come together and pray. 

Christians must remain connected to each other and stand with each other, so life pressures do not pull people away from the faith.

Sometimes we must humble ourselves and let someone know what we are going through.

We need one another. We need to be in the community. We need to seek counsel.They are there to encourage us and support us when we are down.

Wise guidance obtained in consultation with an abundance of counselors is the key to Victory whether in war or in any circumstance that requires might and Power. Wisdom carefully acquired in applied is the means of success in all of life (Crossway ESV Study bible).

It is powerful, and God can bless us in many ways when we surrender, humble ourselves and reach out to someone. 

I hope that this has encouraged you. God is with you in this journey. God is training you through all of this.

Practice and take courage! He will never leave or forsake you.

The Lord has given us tools and weapons to use in Warfare.

I pray that we would all have courage and not fear whatever may come. We have a God who is all-powerful living within us. 

Amanda N.

Amanda is a Kindergarten teacher, and earned her Bacherlors in Early Childhood Education, graduating with honors. She has a heart for God, people, and worship. Amanda serves at her church as a worship singer and is one of the core leaders of their Young Adults Ministry called: The Harbor. When she is not at church or work, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. Her goal in life is to bring glory to God and share His love with others. Amanda desires to point people to Jesus- the answer to all their pain, hopelessness, brokenness, and emptiness. You can follow Amanda and her journey on Instagram @beautifully.amanda

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  1. Cindy says:

    I was seeking some verses to help me be reminded of how to do spiritual warfare, and your article came up. I took notes on it, and plan to help my friend who has just made a profession of faith in Christ recently she has a lot of baggage from her past please pray for her her name is Michelle and pray that I would have wisdom which includes what I read in this article today. Thank you so much for sharing God’s wisdom and learning it yourself Amanda !. where shall we go ?Thou hast the words of eternal life.

  2. Sharon K. Peters says:

    God is all powerful and yes, He lives in us.
    Thank you for sharing. I agree with what you have said. cAs I walked through my dark battle years ago, it was the things you mentioned that I learned that Git me through it all.

    God bless you.

  3. Angela says:

    Thank You, for sharing Your faith ! and giving hope !. Many blessings to You ❣️

  4. Omega Nyambe says:

    Wow it is powerful i love the message and continue encouraging people of God,may God bless you

  5. Excellent information for warfare, thank you for caring for your brothers and Sisters.
    We fight the good battle and we are ALWAYS victorious in Christ Jesus who always causes us to triumph! Aleluya!

  6. Ninette Evans says:

    Thank you! ❤️

  7. Child of God says:

    Amanda thank you for allowing God to use you! I was just advised that the body pain and dizziness I am experiencing is spiritual . I was confused by this so I began to Google spiritual attacks/warfare and your article appeared first! It helped me get a starting point on how to begin to handle this. Your article is written so well that even a new believer in Christ will understand the process. Thank you, Thank you! May the Lord continue to bless you.

  8. Tola says:

    Thanks a million. I have been praying about my health and families health and still having health issues. I needed depths as to why it persist. Thank you for the insights into God’s word and please pray with me.God bless you 🙏

  9. Esther says:

    Blessed by this

  10. Jai says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and hope to come across more of your content! Praying that you stay encouraged and excited on your journey with Christ.

  11. Linus Ogar says:

    This is quite encouraging. More of His grace upon your life sister Amanda. No weapon of any kind formed against you shall prosper. You are undoubtedly blessed.

  12. Deanna Woods says:

    It’s 4:55 am and I’m struggling with my thoughts feeling and faith… this isn’t normal for me and I was able to recognize this has happened before 2 years ago and it took me a while to get through this battle… So I just wanted to thank you for this article I feel a lot better. I don’t feel I can trust anyone so can you Pray for me to get through this… thank you so much and God bless

  13. Angela says:

    Beautifully written!
    Thank you for the encouragement!

  14. Harriet says:

    Greatfull to the Almighty and the faithfulness of our God. Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. God bless you

  15. Monyue says:

    Amanda, thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and inspiring guardians on spiritual warfare. How to stand on the word of God with prayer and worship and “always check for offenses in your hearts” which is confession. Your sharing is on point. Once again, thanks for sharing 👍! May we continue on our knees 🙏 with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  16. Jamie-Lee says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share this message. God bless and keep you sister. This was such a blessing to me. In the mighty name of Jesus we are healed. On christ the solid rock I stand. Glory be to the name of the Most High.

  17. Robin L Johnson says:

    Hello my Sistah in Christ,

    Thank you so much for what you gave me as a gift to have my joy back, laugh and know the truth about what the Holy Spirit has given me as a gift from a multitude of counselors. It was a joy to read the encouraging words of wisdom while going through the spiritual warfare today. This made me feel better and smile while reading this knowledge. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your ministry of helping people.

  18. Miriam Small says:

    This actually just helped me a lot because I am going thru spiritual attacks as I speak and you helped me out a lot I just read it and Im going too talk too my church family and get prayer because I just got saved four months ago and still tryna figure everything out and follow God its hard but it’s worth it.… but thanks again you helped me out… Thanks again

  19. Kylie says:

    Thank you! Your words are comforting during no a time of spiritual battles. Also being a teacher , I can say the enemy is fully attacking without any authority. I pray everyone hearing truth is saved from this he lies of the enemy.

  20. William says:

    Prayer for a godly beautiful lovely wife

  21. Kim says:

    Thank you Amanda. I came across this as I was seeking God’s guidance and direction to help with a family problem. This post was/is so incredibly helpful for me to share with my family!

    Thank you and please keep sharing God’s Word. May He continue to bless your life in great abundance!

  22. Blessing Daniel says:

    Glory be to God
    Thank you may God reward you..
    According to riches of his glory

  23. Ulanda says:

    Finding this article blessed me early this morning as I was struggling with anxious thoughts and fear. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed!

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    Amanda, thank you for your powerful and uplifting writing. I sincerely appreciate your knowledge, guidance and love for Jesus. I pray you receive all of the blessings that you deserve. Jeff

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    Thank you Sister…. you were definitely sent from God to help address scripture reference,comfort,guidance and helpfulness towards many including me Fighting SPIRITUAL WARFARE 💪🙏 ✨️ Not easy… especially when you feel alone spiritually and maybe not have much connections to others that can provide the guidance. Finding a group under One Spirit is hard especially if you don’t attend church which is a risk, since many Churches 🤔 have False PROPHETS walking around in WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING . SOO.. not sure what to do 😮‍💨

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    Thank you for this knowledge of dealing with spiritual warfare. I have been in isolation for three years, and constantly under attack in NY thoughts. Each time I feel I am closer to my breakthrough, Satan comes into my thoughts with floods of doubts, anxiety, fears about NY future. I have failed so many times. in testing and have reached the point of almost giving up. Moved to a new location because being around family members is toxic. Have no friends or support. So tired of Satan tormenting my mind. Finally see that quoting scripture , fasting and praying, worshipping is the solution. Please pray for me.

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    Hi Amanda,
    I personally want to thank you. Firstly, you closed out the noise of this world and you let your heart and mind be enlightened by God’s word. God’s word established a “right now, present day” message within you. Thank you for moving in boldness and obedience and posting this. I want to be just one of one or many that this post has affirming power and it truly has confirmed what I have learned and and am applying to this trying season in my life. I was blessed by this post. Stay in the good fight Sister Amanda. I love you with the love of Jesus Christ.
    May the Father bless you and your family and show you as favored in this life and beyond here.


  39. Sylvia K. White says:

    Awesome commentary!!

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    Spot on in my opinion.
    Satan is working overtime, and I believe spiritual warfare is at an all time high. Thankful the Victory has been won!
    Thank you for sharing.

  44. Jenna says:

    Thank you for this. Thank you for talking about this and giving words of hope through this. NOW I know i can and how to fight back. Spiritual Warfare is absolutely 100% REAL. So many people are experiencing it and probably dont even realize it so again, thank you for this article. May God bless you always and from one soul to another thank you so much.

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    I am a solid, and grounded individual. I have had a relationship with God. I am currently experiencing Spiritual Warfare. Ti an EXTREME.
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    I don’t know how to so Or battle this on my own.

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  47. Jodi Schmaltz says:

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    I needed this thank you sister. Please keep me in your prayers. I’m going through a spiritual warfare 😢

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    This is a very powerful message from a beautiful woman of God with a calling to teach. The way you’ve broken down and given so much understanding in three points is more than I’ve gotten in a lifetime. Everyone is facing a spirtitual warfare today and this focuses on that. You are truly someone with a gift from God. Thank you for providing this information. Many blessing

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    I’m going through a difficult time right now with my finances and facing an eviction. I need steady employment and have applied to many places. I’m discouraged and need support. I’ve always been a hard worker and stood in the gaps for others. I also avoided asking for help even when I needed it. Now I’m in true need of assistance. Please for me.

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  55. Nathaniel says:

    AWESOME I am engaged in a serious war and it’s overwhelming sometimes I pray a lot but wonder if I should get counseling or let someone in church know what I’m going through it’s hard but I will never leave Jesus it took
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  63. Rose says:

    God is indeed a way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper , light in the darkness! I read this very informative article and i am in tears !
    Currently i have been going through spiritual warfare. It is a mostly challenging because it has now been happening at the very church I worship at. As a result i have become more recluse and anxiety stricken of the thought of opening up and socializing again. I eventually broke down at church and vowed not to experience a recurrence.
    I stay out of the many cliques that lurks in church and as usual maintain politeness as best as possible. I write to share my ordeal for like many others, who wants to fellowship and worship as father god instructs. Is rather very risky because people might use your vulnerabilities against you and not to mention for gossip. These behaviors are pretty prevalent among settings like this and results in , in my case, harm and judgements!
    I wholeheartedly appreciate this article and i would draw for praying scriptures that will aid in my defense when praying.

  64. Oana says:

    Thank you for this

  65. MAXINE Y BROWN says:

    This is the most powerful help on spiritual warfare.
    I have been trying hard to teach my Sunday school class about how to pray spiritual warfare praying, but it as if nothing registers. I have told everything you said in this article. Thank you for confirming that I have been on the right track all the time and that is not me.

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  72. Coleridge Jno-finn says:

    Just beautiful. Thanks Amanda for the love of God that that propels you, it’s contagious, inspiring and encouraging. I’m blessed by his faithfulness in you. You have given and you shall receive. Glory!!!

  73. Coleridge Jno-finn says:

    Just beautiful. Thanks Amanda for the love of God that propels you, it’s contagious, inspiring and encouraging. I’m blessed by his faithfulness in you. You have given and you shall receive. Glory!!!

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    Awesome share. This very empowering. Only if all Christians will indeed understand and know He who dwells in us! Thanks Amanda.

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    Amanda, i found your blog today on a google search that i was conducting in my personal time, and i searched: “how Christians fight ”
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    Thank you Amanda for this wonderful testimony. It is soul uplifting and a great means to understand and help someone like me fight my spiritual battles . Please keep sharing your gift. You have helped not only me but a lot of those whi are in spiritual warfare. God bless you and your family. 🙏💕

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    We have a non believer (grandfather) in the house.
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    Thank you for this helpful post! I am currently in a season of spiritual warfare in two areas of my life. The insight you provides reminded me how to fight. This is not my first time in a season of spiritual warfare. However, each time I encounter such, I have to reread information that provides me the tools of how to fight.

    I appreciate your input and will use my note cards this week.

    Oh, we have something in common. We are preschool educators. We share the same love for God’s children.

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    I did just that!!! I went to the mountains of Tennessee. My cabin was way up on the mountain and a bit of a challenging drive. Lol. It was a perfect size for one. It was lovely and backed up to a forest.

    I spent countless hours reading scripture and looking for chapters on spiritual warfare but found many close resources and most of them leaned towards learning scripture and trusting in the Lord God with all your might. Also, putting on the armor of God for battle.

  105. YA says:

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  106. YA says:

    Thank you Amanda for this roadmap to God’s enduring love for us.. I know a person who desperately needs prayers. I will send this to my family with the hope that we will pray for her. Her name is Raylene in case you might have a moment to pray for her. Thank you again so much. Your light shined on me today.

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